Pro Bono All-Stars: An Infographic in Honor of Pro Bono Week

Law isn’t all about raking in the millions by negotiating corporate deals or defending celebrity clients on trial as you see in the movies. In fact, many lawyers engage in pro bono work, which is defined as legal services that are performed for a client without any sort of monetary compensation. It is not uncommon for lawyers to consciously choose to volunteer their time without pay (or for very little pay), purely for the purpose of advancing the common good of society. Pro bono fills a void in society because many of the people who are most desperately in need of legal help come from low-income backgrounds or circumstances and cannot afford the high costs of legal services.

Though pro bono work is undeniably important year round, each year the American Bar Association Standing Committee on Pro Bono and Public Service sponsors National Pro Bono Week, a week-long celebration to draw attention to and encourage further advancement of pro bono efforts. In honor of Pro Bono Week 2013, which takes place from October 20-26, LLMinfo created an infographic about the top five Pro Bono All-Stars. Our infographic spotlights five law firms whose commitment to making legal services available to even the most disadvantaged and underserved communities and clients goes above and beyond in time, manpower, and quality. These firms devoted tens of thousands of hours and hundreds of attorneys, usually more than half their total headcount, and each of these attorneys tallied close to or above 100 hours for the causes close to their hearts. The pro bono work done by these firms is carried out on both small and intimate and national, legal landscape-altering stages, and ranges from overturning a 19-year wrongful murder conviction, to involvement in the landmark Defense of Marriage Act, to reuniting a separated immigrant mother and child. All five of the top all-star firms are participants in the Pro Bono Institute’s Law Firm Pro Bono Challenge, a common benchmark of attorney involvement in pro bono work which encourages corporate law firms to devote three to five percent of their yearly billable hours to pro bono work, while only one firm requires pro bono participation from its attorneys. And though recognition may not be what these lawyers and firms seek, each has received awards and honors for their achievements.

Without further ado, the top 5 all-stars, according to the AmLaw 100, are:

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Via LLM Info