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Fordham LLM Programs

Fordham Law School offers one LLM program at its campus located in the heart of New York City. The program is open to both U.S. educated and foreign educated attorneys who are looking to enhance their previous legal education. Fordham Law School allows students to complete their LLM on a full-time or part-time basis and may enter the program in either the fall or spring. Fordham Law School offers five opportunities for specialization within the LLM program. These specialties are:

Fordham Banking, Corporate & Finance Law LLM

This specialization requires students to complete a minimum of 24 units including 12 units of courses specifically related to Banking, Corporate Law and Finance law. The goal of this program is to provide students with an in depth understanding of U.S. corporate structure, American business executives and the skills necessary to practice as a business lawyer. The core course Corporations is required, as is one of the four following courses: Banking Law, International Banking Law, Financial Institutions I and Financial Institutions II. Banking Law and Financial Law I serve the same purpose for the requirement, so students cannot receive credit for both. For electives, students may choose from among courses like Bankruptcy, Broker Dealer Regulation, and Insurance Law and Litigation.

Fordham Intellectual Property & Information Technology Law LLM

The Fordham Intellectual Property (IP) and Information Technology (IT) Law LLM is a 24 unit specialization program which requires the completion of 12 units with IP and IT focuses. Students learn about current issues in copyright, patent and trademark law as well as emerging issues such as internet law, information privacy law and e-commerce. The 6 courses required to complete the specialization are Intellectual Property Law, Patent Law, Copyright Law, Trademark Law, Mass Media Law, and Internet Law/Internet Regulation. Students can choose from electives such as Entertainment Law, Art and Cultural Heritage Law, Law of Music Industry, Video Game Law, Fashion Modeling Law, and Chinese Intellectual Law.

Fordham International Business & Trade Law LLM

The Fordham International Business and Trade Law LLM is a 24 unit specialization program that requires the completion of 12 units focused on International Business and Trade Law. The goal of the program is to provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to successfully handle complex international business transactions. Twelve credits of Specialization Distribution Law are required, including two of four Core Distribution Courses: International Business Transactions, International Trade Regulation/International Trade Law, International Law, and European Law. Electives include Admiralty & International Maritime Law, Law and Policy of Climate Change, and International Sales as well as regionally-oriented courses such as Islamic Finance and Estate Planning, China and International Law, and Law and Business in Russia.

Fordham International Dispute Resolution LLM

The Fordham International Dispute Resolution LLM is the newest of the six Fordham LLM programs offered. This unique specialization allows students to study the processes by which international lawyers resolve international disputes in today’s globalized world, including through the primary methods of litigation as well as more alternative processes such as arbitration and mediation, which are gaining steam in public and private international legal disputes. A total of 24-27 credits are required for the completion of the degree, with required Core Courses in Alternative Dispute Resolution and Litigation Management for the International Lawyer, as well as the Core Distribution Courses Introduction to Mediation, a course in arbitration, and an advanced course in arbitration, mediation, or litigation. Through the program, LLM students will become especially familiar with how the U.S. common law system litigation work.

Fordham International Law & Justice LLM

This specialization is also a 24 unit program requiring 12 units of focused study related to International Law and Justice including the core course International Law and electives such as International Law & Development in Africa Casework, Labor Law: Wage and Hour Laws, Counter-Terrorism Post-9/11, Law and Medicine, and Native American Law. Students focus on the protection of human rights on domestic, regional, national and international levels. The program is designed for attorneys who are practicing or are interested in practicing public interest law, working in NGOs or teaching. Students in the International Law & Justice LLM Program are eligible for the Vivian Leitner Global South LLM Scholars Program.

Fordham U.S. & Comparative Law LLM

This specialization in U.S. & Comparative Law was created for international students who would like to enhance their understanding of U.S. legal principles but plan to return to their home country to practice law. It is also a 24 credit specialization but allows students to pick from a wide variety of courses to create a comprehensive understanding of the U.S. legal system, including the required core course Introduction to the U.S. Legal Profession.

Fordham LLM Core Courses

All Fordham LLM students who obtained their degrees from foreign universities are required to take 12 of their 24 credits from the following courses:

  • Introduction to the U.S. Legal System
  • Introduction to the U.S. Legal Profession
  • Legal Writing and Research for LLM Students (students from English-speaking countries do not have to take this course)
  • 6 credits of Content Outline Courses, which include courses such as Constitutional Law, Perspectives in U.S. Law, and U.S. Contracts for Foreign LLMs.

Fordham Law School LLM Admission

Fordham Law School offers students the ability to begin their LLM program in either the fall or spring semesters. The success of any application will be based on:

  • Academic performance
  • Law-related experience and career plans
  • Letters of reference
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Participation in law-related publications

For U.S. trained applicants, the student must have a degree from a four-year college and a law degree from an ABA accredited law school.

Foreign students must be eligible to practice law in their home country and must prove their English language proficiency by submitting sufficient TOEFL or ILEC scores. Students whose scores are not high enough have the option of enrolling in full-time Pre-LLM English Language Study, run through the Institute of American Language and Culture (ILAC) at Fordham. The Fordham English Language Test (FELT) is required prior to registration for the program, and once students have achieved a 6B university-level of proficiency, they may transfer into the LLM program during the fall or spring semester.

Fordham Law School LLM Tuition

Fordham Law School offers students the opportunity to study for their LLM on both a full-time and part-time basis. To learn more about Fordham LLM tuition, visit the Fordham Law School website.

Fordham Law School LLM Scholarship

Fordham Law offers one scholarship for students in the International Law and Justice LLM program through its Leitner Center for International Law and Justice. The Vivian Leitner Global South LLM Scholars Program sponsors students from countries in the Global South by covering tuition for the duration of the degree, and also possibly awarding a stipend for living expenses. This scholarship is highly selective; no more than four students receive it in a given year. Selection is made on the basis of academic achievement, leadership, and dedication to furthering the cause of international human rights law in his or her own country upon graduation from the LLM program. For more information about scholarships for LLM students, visit our LLM Scholarships page.

Fordham Law LLM Employment

Fordham Law School’s Graduate Professional Development Program (GPDP) provides several services to help LLM students with career planning and job searching, including resume and cover letter critique, career advising, practice interviews, business card printing, publications about jobs for LLM graduates in different sectors, and regular events. Fordham LLM students can also participate in recruitment programs throughout the year including the International Student Interview Program (ISIP) at NYU which over 120 global firms attend, and the Equal Justice Works (EJW) Conference and Career Fair as well as the Public Interest Legal Career (PILC) Fair for LLM students hoping to pursue public interest law.

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